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Pivot Point is a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of those who have gone through challenging times in life and have found a way through the other side. Listen to conversations with best-selling authors, thoughts leaders, warriors of trials and triumphs, and everything in between as they share their personal experiences as a means to ignite your flame for discovering God’s own works in your life. Our host, Laura Shaw, is a Christian Life Coach, mom of four, widow, entrepreneur, fitness instructor, life enthusiast and Jesus lover who passionately guides you through these sometimes difficult but always inspiring and motivating journeys through to the other side.

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3 days ago

How do you live without hope?  That is the question that my good friend Coach Phil Bollier and I have discussed in depth in our times together.  In this recorded conversation, you'll hear just how he lives now after the loss of his love, Stephanie.  His life is full of hope, full of love for Jesus and others.  
Check out his organization: Just Right For Now https://www.justrightfornow.org/

EP 04 Carmen Hughey Drew

Sunday Jul 07, 2024

Sunday Jul 07, 2024

Meet my dear friend Carmen Hughey Drew: Mom, military veteran, and widow. Carmen shares her incredible story, which includes immense grief, and learning to lean on God's promises to find her way through to the other side.  You'll find this story to be incredibly rich and inspiring.  
Carmen shares of some resources that have helped her through her journey with grief. 
TAPS | Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors https://www.taps.org/
Kate's Club https://www.katesclub.org/
Grief Share https://www.griefshare.org 
Connect with Carmen on social media!
Instagram & TikTok: managingmoments 

Tuesday Jul 02, 2024

Today, we're diving into the powerful practice of gratitude and how Spirit Driven Success life coaching can help us grow spiritually.
Free Ebook: Daily Practices for Spiritual Growth

Ep02 Amanda Hayhurst

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Listen in as I chat with one of my very best friends, Amanda.  She and I met through a shared experience of pain in the context of small group, and became fast friends.
In this episode, she shares the roller coaster of emotions upon learning her son Reese's leukemia diagnosis, and how she found an anchor through her faith.  Her story is incredible, and I cannot wait for you to hear it.   
Her heart for Jesus is so beautiful, and her heart to help others experience life change with Jesus is just the beginning layer of who she is as a person.
I am proud to call her my friend, and I think in this episode, you will begin to understand why.
I hope you enjoy.
Scripture references:
1 Peter 4:12-13
Romans 8:28
Song: Sing Again
Nothing Is Wasted / Davey Blackburn / Pain to Purpose

Ep 01 Andrew Shaw

Friday Mar 01, 2024

Friday Mar 01, 2024

In this first episode, I have the honor and privilege of sharing our story through the lens of my son, Andrew.
At just the tender age of 16, he was present when we found his dad gone, and was very quickly forced to become a man. 
I know that you will hear this in everything he shares in this episode. 
To say I'm proud to be his mom is a understatement, but I'll leave it at that.
His heart for Jesus is so beautiful, and this episode shares a fraction of his faith. 
I hope you enjoy.

Friday Mar 01, 2024

Pivot Point is dedicated to connecting people through shared human experiences of heartache, loss, triumph and surrender by sharing the inspirational stories of those who have endured and made it through to the other side. Grab your favorite cup of coffee, curl up in your favorite chair and listen in as we chat with best-selling authors, thought leaders, and warriors of trials and triumphs as they share their personal experiences as a means to ignite your own passion for discovering where God is refining you in your own life.


Say Hello to Laura!

In a breath, my entire life changed and life as I had known it for the past 24 years shifted.  ...all with the five words I'll never forget, 'I'm sorry ma'am, he's gone.'  In that moment, my mind breathed the word I feared - widow.  

This podcast is dedicated to the journey of me rediscovering 'me' in the new normal.  It's messy.  It's real.  It's raw.  This life is God's story, that I have the honor of sharing.  His love story.  His redemption and all power to turn even the ugly parts of our lives into a purpose that will glorify Him.  

In my healing, I have met so many wonderful people who have stories - just like mine. Tragic, heart wrenching stories that make you question, why?  But in each of them, learning how and leaning into God's promises has proven just how sovereign our God is.  How could we not honor that? 

I'm Laura, your host through these conversations. I'm a Spirit Driven Success Life Coach, mom of four, widow, writer, life enthusiast and Jesus lover who is passionate about leading you through these moving and thought-provoking life journeys and sharing the truth of God’s promises.

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